"1964 Christmas Concert Party in Ward 47 (Dermatology) RIE" submitted by Agnes Gill (Gilly) - January 1970 PTS


More than 40 years after this photograph was taken I was approached at the Pelican League AGM by lily Morris nee Smithson and asked "Are you the wee girl in the kilt?"  She was one of the Sisters in t

he Dermatology Unit (Skins Wards 47 & 48) when this photograph was taken and I am the girl 3rd from the left in the front row holding a balloon.
I was 12 years old at the time with no ambition to be a nurse but did desperately want to learn the ballet version of the Skater's Waltz as that involved a pretty costume in red velvet with fur trim and a muff.
The other Sister in the unit, Helen Bradley, is also in the photograph with staff and patients from both wards.
Maybe visitors to the website can identify more people than I can!
The names I remember are Mary Gill, my mother, and Violet Klazura (Nursing Auxiliaries}, Pop Stoddart (Orderly),
Staff Nurse Wallace, ? Professor Percival and Alex Robertson, a patient.

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