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AGM 2019 Photos

A Birds eye view of members at the AGM  lunch in April 2019 held at the Royal Scots Club.

 agm1  agm2



July 1965 PTS reunion










In October 2017 twelve of us met at the Merchants Golf Club for an amusing and fairly rowdy gathering. 
May Fleming(nee Lochead) joined us and was a great contributor as usual.

Finding friends
Sheila Latimer (nee Muir) wrote recently
I am thinking about a couple of members from the year after me. Both are Pelican members and both were my bridesmaids in 1960 but we lost touch over the years. I do not see them on the members list and would like to know what happened to them.
Their names are Mary Kersell (nee McDonald) and Pat(ricia?) Benny. Pat returned to Scotland and I never heard from her again. Mary went home to marry. She and her husband, Bob Kersell, returned to Canada.
If you know there whereabouts please contact Anne Laing in the first instance

January 1966 P.T.S. Reunion

photo 1966 reunionOn the 18th and 19th of May 2016 ten members of the January1966 P.T.S gathered at Channings Hotel in Edinburgh and celebrated our 50th anniversary.

Read more: JANUARY 1966 P.T.S. REUNION

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