Membership Benefits

Membership of the Pelican League comes with many benefits.

The highlight of the year is the annual lunch which takes place prior to the Annual General Meeting held in the centre of Edinburgh giving the opportunity to catch up with former colleagues and friends with memories flooding back as if it all happened yesterday.
Although the lunch is free to members, any donation towards the cost is most welcome. All the monies raised go towards benevolence, supporting League members as well as Student Nurse and RN awards. To round off the afternoon we have the Annual General Meeting where, as an active member, you have the opportunity to take part in debate and to vote on decisions about League business.

Every member receives an annual Pelican League Journal containing news and views of our members. It is amazing value, with stories of bygone days, reports of happy reunions and fascinating articles about current nursing practice in various specialties.

  • Our nursing students working within NHS Lothian, who we have helped by contributing towards the cost of their self-funded clinical elective placement, as well as registered nurses who we have helped fund a project designed with a view to improving patient care, all write articles giving us an insight into their experiences and achievements.
  • All members are encouraged to contribute towards their Journal with anything from reflections from the past, photographs and what you are doing now.
  • This is your Journal and it is sent to every Pelican member all over the world.

Please note that as of April 2022 the Membership section is being managed by the Journal Editors

Please contact them if you have a change of address or know of the death of a member.

You may download the Membership Application here or request one be sent to you by our Membership Secretary, Susan Stewart by Email

ail by using the menu item: Contact Us.